Choose Greece 2021: The Greek Regional Hospitality Plan

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Olympia Forum: Tourism Development Module

The Minister of Tourism, Harry Theocharis, will begin the work of the tourism conference Choose Greece 2021 with the theme: “The Greek Regional Hospitality Plan”, which will be organized online on 28-29 May 2021 at the Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos, by the Olympia Forum. Just a few days after the resumption of tourism, the safe environment in which our country should move to receive visitors from all over the world will be under the “microscope” through the mobilization of all organizations, clear planning, clear targeting and a realistic approach.

In this direction, the participation in the two-day work of the dialogue and planning for the “post Covid” tourism season, of the 13 Regions is decisive as through their actions and initiatives they focus on the next day of Greek tourism, presenting their strategic plans for the development of their tourist interest by analyzing issues that directly affect their overall image to potential visitors, such as their spatial planning, the types of tourism they aim to focus on, transport issues, the means and their promotion strategies for international presence and action.

Among the participants will be the Deputy Minister of Tourism  Sofia Zacharaki, GNTO President Angela Gerekou, the Governor of Attica George Patoulis, the Governor of Central Macedonia Apostolos Tzitzikostas, the Governor of Western Macedonia George Kasapidis, the Governor of Thessaly Kostas Agorastos, the Governor of Western Greece Nektarios Farmakis, the Governor of Ionian Islands Rodi Kratsa, Deputy Regional Governors of the tourism sector as well as representatives of the leading private and public tourism organizations.

The international participation in the conference will also be targeted, in order for all action plans of the Regions to find a response in foreign agencies, tour operators and organizations.

Through dialogue and exchange of views and experiences, taking into account the circumstances created by the pandemic in the global tourism market, the conference aims to outline the path to the next day, as part of the joint effort for our country to come out of the pandemic with the least possible losses and to be able to position itself with claims against the great challenge, to strengthen it as a strong and safe share on the world map.

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