Choose Crete Conference 2023, May 6

Choose Crete Conference 2023, May 6


Hospitality in Crete: Extending the Tourist season | Over tourism and Sustainability

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In the focus will be the Region of Crete, the Ministry of Tourism, the EOT, the Municipalities, Tourism Agencies, Entrepreneurs of the sector, Tourist Agents, Representatives of Embassies, Academics, etc., with the aim of promoting Crete as a tourist destination that is ideal for all year round and which can meet the needs of specialized groups of tourists. International participations will also be targeted in order for all action plans to find a response in foreign agencies, tour operators and bodies abroad.

The Region and the Municipalities will present the projects they implement or foresee for the improvement and development of public infrastructure, the innovation and promotion of the tourist product, the digital upgrade and transformation of the tourist ecosystem, environmental protection and sustainability for the enhancing skills and developing entrepreneurship.


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