Choose Greece Conference 2021

…And now is the time to once again choose Greece. While the joint effort of the Government and society for our country to come out of the pandemic with the least possible losses remains strong, with the international scientific community keeping hope alive through the development of vaccines and the operation “Freedom” evolving at a pace that is constantly intensifying, the greatest challenge that Greece is called upon to overcome is that of tourism. The industry that was the foundation and the driving force that during the ten-year crisis managed through tireless efforts to be an important support for the domestic economy is once again the great challenge.

Under completely different global conditions, the “heavy industry” of this country, which in the consciousness of the world citizen-traveler is inextricably linked to the unique sunlight that seems to caress in a magical way its golden beaches and the unique blue of its seas, is looking for a way to once again place this country at the center of its choices with safety and responsibility. What everyone recognizes, that if you have not traveled at least once to Greece, you have never traveled, we call upon to revive from the ‘ashes’ that COVID-19 has left behind.

The start was given by the Minister of Tourism Harry Theocharis himself, who presented the Greek government’s plan for the safe opening of tourism in 2021 and set the date for the official start of the 2021 tourism season in Greece as May 14th. In this first step, the effective mobilization of all organizations is crucial, through clear planning, clear targeting and a realistic approach.

The Olympia Forum, the annual Conference aimed at Regional Development which has been successfully held in Ancient Olympia for two consecutive years, is organizing the tourism conference Choose Greece 2021 with the theme: “The Greek Regional Hospitality Plan”, which will be held online on 28-29 May 2021 at the Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos with short-term and long-term prospects, vision and essential fields of action.

The conference will focus on the “post COVID” tourism season, with the 13 Regions focusing on the next day of Greek tourism, as they will have the opportunity to present their strategic plans for the development of their tourism interest by analyzing issues that directly affect their overall image to potential visitors, such as their spatial planning, the types of tourism they aim to focus on, transport issues, the means and their promotion strategies for international presence and action.

The cooperation of the conference with GNTO and leading private and public tourism organizations is crucial, which will ensure international participation in the conference in order for all action plans of the Regions to find a response in foreign agencies, tour operators and organizations.

YouTube Day 1 , Day 2

Under the Auspices:

Charis Theoharis
Minister of Tourism
Sofia Zacharaki
Deputy Minister of Tourism
Nikos Hardalias
Deputy Minister for Civil Protection and Crisis Management
Angela Gerekou
President of the Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT)
Konstantinos Bakoyiannis
Mayor of Athens
Nektarios Farmakis
Governor, Region of Western Greece
Nikolaos Korovesis
Deputy Governor of Tourism, Region of Western Greece
Alexandros Aggelopoulos
Executive Vice President of Aldemar Resorts
Mari Daskalantonakis
CEO at Grecotel Group of Companies and Managing Director at Grecotel S.A
Anna Kalogeropoulou
DEPUTY GOVERNOR OF TOURISM, Region of peloponnese
Nektarios Demenopoulos
Deputy Manager PR, IR & Company Announcements Dpt. ΟΛΠ
Apostolos Tzitzikwstas
Governor, Region of Central Macedonia
George Patoulis
Governor, Regiona of Attica
Rodi Kratsa-Tsagkaropoulou
Markos Danas
Secretary General of the Hellenic Association with Thermal Springs
Panagiotis Nikas
Governor, Region of Peloponnese
Kwnstantinos Agorastos
Merope Hydraiou
Mayor of Corfu
Panagiotis Simandirakis
Mayor of Chania
Konstantinos Zervas
Mayor of Thessaloniki
Georgios Pelekanakis
Greek Federation of Hotel Managers (PODIX)
Capt. George Koumpenas
Chief Operating Officer at Celestyal Cruises
Stavros Katsikadis
President of the Board Greek Marinas Association
Thanos Alexandros
DEPUTY GOVERNOR OF TOURISM, Region of Central Macedonia
Alexandros Vasilikos
Hellenic Chamber of Hotels
Kelaitidis Nikolaos
Hellenic association of travel & tourist agencies (hatta)
Antonis Stelliatos
Kriton Piperas
Association of Licensed Tourist Guides
Grigoris Tasios
Hellenic Hoteliers Federation (HHF)
Ilias Bourmas
Deputy Regional Governor of Tourism, Region of Central Greece
Dimitris Triantafyllou
Panhellenic Association of Daily Trip Vessels Owners (P.EN.E.T.I.S.)
Nikolaos Nyktas
Deputy Governor of Tourism, Region of Northern Aegean
Ieronymos Gewrgiou
CEO, Seaway Shipping & Tourist Services
Vasilis Psathas
Deputy Governon of Arta, Region of Epirus
Giorgos Stantzos
Mayor of Eastern Samos
Kyriakos Kotsoglou
Ioannis Boutinas
Authorized Tourism Consultant, Region of Thessaly
Melina Daskalakis
President of the Athens Development and Destination Management Agencyand the Executive Advisor for Migrants and Refugees
Antonis Sigalas
Mayor of Thira
Alexandros Averkiadis
Board of Airline Representatives In Greece (BAR.GR)
Efstratios Ioannou
DEPUTY GOVERNOR, Region of Epirus
Georgios Vavliaras
Deputy Regional Head of Business Development, Region of Western Macedonia
Theodoros Koutsogiannopoulos
Regional consultant for issues of the Department of Tourism, Region of Attica
Ioannis Margaritis
Deputy Governor of Tourism, Region of Southern Aegean Sea
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